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Alien Encounters: Writing about the "Other"


Recommendations for Integration:

Although designed to be used in support of the reading of texts written by early European explorers of the Americas and the Natives whom they encountered, the core concepts explored in the RWLO can serve as a useful thread for discussion throughout the course -- portrayals of African slaves by those justifying their enslavement, or the later portrayals of groups such as Natives and Mexicans during the period of Westward expansion.


  • If Internet access in class is not an option, published UFO accounts can serve in place of the web pages listed here. This does remove the "live" component of the UFO News Blog, but could still serve as a useful starting point for a discussion of ethnocentrism.
  • If class time is limited, the written component could be omitted, allowing exploration and discussion to take place in a single meeting.