Part 1: Exploration


  1. Be sure to have completed the assigned reading before beginning work on the RWLO. 
  2. Read the Wikpedia definition of Ethocentrism.
  3. Explore these alien abduction/conspiracy websites (you are also welcome to make use of sites you find on your own):  

Part 2:  Analysis


  1. Find one or two articles which demonstrate characteristics of ethnocentrism.
  2. Revisit the readings from your text.  Look closely at the passages in which the authors are describing encounters between the Native inhabitants of the New World and the European newcomers.  
  3. Pay especially close attention to places in which the authors demonize or idealize “the other.”
  4. Look for similarities and differences in these accounts.


Part 3:  Reflection


  1. Prepare a brief (400-600 word) discussion of the similarities and differences you found between contemporary accounts of encounters with alien beings and the descriptions of real encounters between “alien” societies in the first days of European exploration of the Americas.
  2. Reflect on that comparison – how does it help us understand how Natives and Europeans described those early encounters between the Old World and the New?
  3. Be sure to cite specific examples from the works themselves to support your analysis.