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Systematic and Explicit Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Instruction: Is It Important?

Links to Course Competencies

This RWLO could be applied in the following courses: Teaching Phonics, Reading Instruction, Special Education and/or other courses that relate to English Language Arts for pre-service teachers. Specifically, this RWLO meets the following course competencies:

  • Institutional Student Outcomes:
    • Write both mechanically and grammatically accurate standard English
    • Speak and listen effectively
    • Perform basic computer hardware and software functions
    • Apply computer-related technology to accomplish job related tasks
    • Process relevant information to determine possible solutions
    • Evaluate solutions and consequences
    • Treat others respectfully, courteously, and competently
    • Conduct oneself with personal integrity

  • Course Outcomes:
    • Understand the basic concepts and terminology related to phonemic awareness and phonics instruction
    • Describe the role of research in the establishment of a theoretical model for learning and a variety of instructional approaches