Student Discussion Questions Worksheet

  1. What insight did the interactive activities give you regarding learning difficulties? ( Describe how you would feel if you experienced these difficulties when reading or when being instructed by your teacher.)

  2. What are some suggestions and intervention strategies that were given for reading difficulties? (List at least five.)

  3. How does research support phonemic awareness instruction? (Identify what skills are developed through phonemic awareness instruction and which children benefit from it.)

  4. Is there a relationship to suggestions and intervention strategies explored on the PBS website? (Identify which strategies you identified that are phonemic awareness based activities.)

  5. How does research support systematic and explicit phonics instruction? (List at least five findings that support inclusion of phonics instruction.)

  6. Is there a relationship between phonics instruction and children’s reading development? (List what reading and writing skills are supported through phonics instruction and which children benefit from it.)

Reflect on this experience: How has experiencing reading and attention difficulties increased your awareness of what children encounter when learning how to read? How can appropriate phonemic awareness instruction and phonics instruction give children a tool to use for reading? How can you as a teacher incorporate knowledge about phonemic awareness and phonics instruction into your teaching practices?