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Systematic and Explicit Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Instruction: Is It Important?


Time:  Approximately 60 minutes


Prerequisites:  Basic internet navigation skills

Implementation:  This RWLO can be used as an introduction to a phonics course either in the classroom for class or small group discussions or as an out of class assignment. Students would need to record their thoughts on the student discussion questions sheet if doing out of class for follow-up class discussion.


  1. Ask students what they know about phonemic awareness and phonics instruction for young children. Ask students to share their thoughts on the importance of providing phonics instruction to young children.

  2. Explain to students that they are going to use internet resources to gain insight into the learning process and obtain information about phonemic awareness and phonics instruction.

  3. Have students access the Student Instructions and complete the RWLO. If doing during class period discuss student reactions for each part. If doing as an out of class assignment instruct students to record reactions and or information on Student Discussion Questions print-out as they proceed through the assignment.

  4. Upon completion and class discussion of the RWLO, ask students to write a one-page response to the question: Is systematic and explicit phonemic awareness and phonics instruction an important part of reading instruction? Why?