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Water Analysis

Content Material

Student Directions:

  1. Go to the World Water Monitoring Day (WWMD) website and read the safety precautions. Be sure to follow the precautions as you collect and test the water samples at the test site.

  2. Go to the body of water the class is monitoring and, with your group, measure pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity of different samples from the same location.

  3. Post the data on the WWMD website.

  4. Return as often as your instructor and your group determine during the testing period and post data to the site each time. Look for changes in the data at the same site.

  5. Determine what range of values for the four indicators you are measuring are appropriate for a clean water supply and decide if the water at your site appears to be clean or if the indicators reveal there may be a problem.

  6. Compare values of the four indicators at your site with other sites posted in the WWMD data base. Identify any sites for which the indicators reveal a problem or potential problem.

  7. Access the water quality reports from your community for the last 3-5 years Summarize the results from the reports and determine if your water supply is safe or needs remediation.

  8. Select five pollutants whose concentrations are measured in your water supply. Investigate why their concentrations are monitored, identify sources of these pollutants, and develop a remediation plan in the event they exceed the maximum contaminant level (MCL).

  9. Present a plan in which you outline how you can personally prevent water pollution and what your community can do to prevent water pollution.

  10. Prepare a written report in a format as directed by your instructor in which you include the date collected at the test site, your analysis of the water tested, the comparison of the quality of the water at your site to other sites listed on the WWMD website, your pollutant report and remediation plan, and your plan to prevent water pollution.