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Overfishing of Southern Bluefin Tuna


Recommendations for Integration:

This RWLO could be implemented during class time, having students work in small groups of two to three students per computer.  If there are time or technical constraints, part or all of the project could be given as homework.  However, it is highly recommended that time be given for students to discuss their findings and analyses in a class discussion.


The instructor should print out a copy of the student handout and student worksheet for each student or for each small group.  The instructor should also print out the data from the Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna website required for this RWLO in case the internet is not available or operating at the time of the exercise.  In addition, if the instructor is planning on having the students explore the internet in class they may also wish to print out the information on the southern bluefin tuna websites.