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A Crowded Landscape: Is There Room for Waste Management?

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Landfill space is needed in your particular county, township, or other political boundary. Locating a suitable site requires significant consideration.  You will apply what you have learned about landfills and GIS to propose new landfill locations within your area and justify your selection(s).

Student Directions:

  1. Obtain a copy of the Landfill Site Selection Form from your instructor or print one.

  2. View the Grading Rubric to acquaint yourself with the expectations for this activity.   Successful completion of this RWLO requires you to competently utilize a county GIS to propose one or more landfill locations that best meet legal, social, and scientific requirements and communicate your findings to others.

  3. Participate in a lecture/discussion of the real and perceived requirements for a landfill site. 

  4. Use the Site Selection Form to prepare a list of considerations for site selection. 

  5. Using a computer with a fast Internet connection and the location of the county GIS your class or team will be using, navigate to your particular GIS.

  6. Acquaint yourself with the map controls and layer controls.

  7. Try to match layers to the requirements and issues listed on your site selection form.

  8. Locate the township or other political boundary you have been assigned to and zoom to it.  Explore and manipulate the GIS to turn on layers that provide data needed for site selection and turn off layers that don't.  Give the GIS time to "redraw" the map on your screen.  Match up the criteria in your list with data and layers present in the county GIS.

  9. Scan (zoom and pan) the map for locations that meet as many of the requirements on your list as  possible.  Use the GIS to select no more than two potential landfill sites within the political boundary to which you or your team have been assigned.  Justify each site selected.

  10. Print the portion of the GIS map which contains your proposed location(s). 

  11. Present your best site to the class.  Make sure you communicate the pros, cons, risks, and trade-offs of the site.

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