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A Crowded Landscape: Is There Room for Waste Management?

Project Overview

Imagine that new municipal landfill space is needed in your growing county, township, or other political boundary.  Where would you put it?  It is a question that many don't consider until the selected location is near to something they hold dear, like their neighborhood or recreational area.  Experience suggests that locating suitable sites requires significant consideration. 

This exercise is designed to reveal the difficulty in siting a new landfill that satisfies all parties involved.  Considerations include numerous factors including the risks of selecting a particular location and the trade-offs that must be made.  Learners will see locations that offer the best protection of a natural resource might raise valid concerns from residents regarding property value or environmental justice.  Learners will apply what they have learned about the issues and requirements surrounding landfill siting and Geographic Information Systems to propose new landfill locations within an area and justify their selection(s).