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A Crowded Landscape: Is There Room for Waste Management?


Recommendations for Integration:

This problem-based RWLO can be used to help students understand, using real data, the need for careful consideration and compromise in environmental decisionmaking. It can be implemented in class where class discussion can reinforce the difficulty in considering the numerous factors that affect landfill site selection.  It can also be assigned as an outside-of-class assignment for individuals or teams. 


County GIS sites cannot be backed up onto the presentation computer and must be accessed on-line.  However, discussion of requirements and issues for landfill siting can be done without the use of on-line resources.  Print out the instructor aids in the Procedure section for your use and the Landfill Site Selection Form and Grading Rubric in the Content Material section of this web site and provide sufficient copies to your learners/teams.  At a minimum, a copy of each of the materials used should be provided to each group of students.