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In Search of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre


Recommendations for Integration:
  • This RWLO was designed for implementation in an information literacy course (General Studies 1031: CyberResearch in the Library).
  • RWLO can also be implemented in English composition courses.
  • Instructors must familiarize themselves with the following materials prior to the class:
    • How to distinguish primary and secondary resources
    • How to evaluate resources
    • How to use Google Earth
    • How to retrieve articles from database
  • This RWLO will work best in a computer lab setting or minimally in a classroom with an instructor’s computer/projector setup.

  • If the technology is unavailable, the instructor could prepare a PowerPoint presentation with an example of primary resources available from the British Library website, step by step download instructions for Google Earth, and detailed instructions with screen shots of the database screens, to review with students prior to their attempting the assignment.  The assignment would then be an out of class assignment.