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Real World Learning Objects: Language Arts

Kent State Shootings: Oral Histories

Content Material

Student Directions:

Step 1:

Go to the Historic and Archival Digital Media Collection at and click on Kent State Shootings.  Select and listen to two oral histories.  Listen to the oral histories and complete the following: 

      • Take notes on the content of each of the narratives.
      • Take notes comparing the two narratives.
      • Write an MLA citation for each of the narratives.

Step 2:

Go to the OhioLINK list of research databases at and select a database then locate two articles on the Kent State Shootings.  After locating two articles, complete the following:

      • Note your search strategies.
      • Take notes on the content of each of the articles.
      • Write an MLA citation for each of the articles.

Step 3:

Prepare a 2 page minimum paper that compares and contrasts the differences between the primary and secondary resources.  Include within the paper:

        Identify the primary and secondary sources. 

        Explain the differences between primary and secondary sources.

        Identify the database you selected and the reasons for selection.

        Include and discuss your search strategies for locating the articles. 

        Summarize all four resources.

        Analyze the differences between the two oral history accounts of the event and the two articles.

        Discuss the advantages of using the two types of resources in research.

        Include an MLA format bibliography.


  • Resources:

MLA Citation Style

        Citing Resources from Duke Universityís Library Guide to Research -

        Citation Style Guides from the Library at Seattle Central -

        Online Citation Styles from Bedford/St. Martinís -