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Kent State Shootings: Oral Histories


Time: Approximately 50 minutes

Materials: Student directions and computers with Internet access.

Implementation: This RWLO can be implemented during class time as long as each student has access to a computer and the Internet.  It could also be used as an assignment in a distance learning class.  Additionally, it could be used an out of class assignment.  If it is an out of class assignment, you should review the resources with your students prior to them attempting to complete the assignment.

Steps for the instructor:

  1. Introduce students to the concept of primary and secondary sources using the following websites as a basis for instruction:
  2. Introduce students to evaluating resources using the following website:

  3. Demonstrate how to access the Kent State Shootings collection in the Historic and Archival Digital Media Database. .
  4. Demonstrate how to retrieve the full record and how to download the audio. Give students an opportunity to explore the website.
  5. Demonstrate a research database such as Ebsco's Academic Search Premier.   Give students an opportunity to explore the website.
  6. Demonstrate how to access other databases through OhioLINK. Give students an opportunity to explore the website.
  7. Go over paper requirements with students.