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Kent State Shootings: Oral Histories


Recommendations for Integration:
  • This RWLO was designed for implementation in an information literacy course (General Studies 1031: CyberResearch in the Library).
  • RWLO can also be implemented in American History courses, political science courses and English composition courses.
  • Instructors must familiarize themselves with the following materials prior to the class:
    • How to distinguish primary and secondary resources
    • How to evaluate resources
    • How to critically analyze resources
    • How to utilized both databases listed
  • To capture student attention, a local oral history database could be used in place of the Kent State Shootings database.
  • This RWLO will work best in a computer lab setting or minimally in a classroom with an instructor’s computer/projector setup.


  • If the technology is unavailable, the instructor could prepare a PowerPoint presentation with screen shots of the databases to review with students prior to their attempting the assignment.  The assignment would then be an out of class assignment.