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Real World Learning Objects: Science


Bogus Weight Loss Claims


Recommendations for Integration:

This RWLO is best used as part of a weight management module in a nutrition course, It can also be used in numerous other courses. A class discussion should take place concerning the reliable methods to lose weight and keep it off so that the students realize that it is possible to obtain and maintain a healthy weight if physical activity is a consistent part of the process along with caloric moderation and nutritional balance.


If the internet is not accessible the instructor can have the students bring in popular magazines and search for weight loss product ads. The instructor should print off one or more copies of the seven  elements of bogus claims and have the students note how many of the seven elements of bogus claims they find in the current ads. The instructor could also have student’s interview family, neighbors and friends to inquire if they have used weight loss products and if any weight was lost and the length of time the weight stayed off.