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Consumer Chemistry Updates

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This RWLO could be applied in any science course in which consumer awareness is stressed.  Consumer Chemistry (nonscience majors' chemistry) or introductory biology courses can utilize the RWLO as can liberal arts courses introducing the student to literature/on-line searches.

Upon completion of this RWLO, the student will be able to:

  • Log onto a federal government website.
  • Review current product updates including recalls, market withdrawals, safety alerts, press releases, and product approvals.
  • Navigate within the Food and Drug Administration's website to divisions that may be of more personal interest to the student.
  • Merge the understanding of basic drug structure from in-class sessions with current product updates.
  • Report on current (within the last 60 days) product changes prompted by studies performed by the FDA.
  • Investigate federal updates concerning foods, drugs, cosmetics, biologics, and related medical devices.
  • More fully investigate a drug in an efficient manner by starting with current updates of the product.
  • Quickly review a website to ensure the current safety of a product.
  • State the general classifications of drugs.
  • Incorporate the Internet as a learning tool into drug classifications.
  • Appreciate the constant research by scientists to improve the quality of life in the United States.
  • See the timely results of scientific efforts as they apply to everyday life.
  • Utilize science to embellish product understanding.