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Consumer Chemistry Updates


Time: Approximately 45 minutes

Materials: Computer with Internet access

Prerequisites: Some rudimentary knowledge of generic and proprietary drug names and the use of the Internet

Implementation: This RWLO can be given as a homework assignment to:     1) encourage additional investigation by the student, 2) to ease any classroom computer restraints, and 3) to reduce student performance stress


  1. The instructor will need to log on to the website,, the week of the assignment to gather information as to some of the products covered by the FDA for that time period.  Basic notes should be taken concerning some of the drugs on which the FDA updated information within the past two weeks.  These 'hot topics' may be in more widespread news releases (e.g. medicines NOT to buy online) or specific product analysis (e.g. the acceptance of Januvia as a new class of diabetic medication).
  2. In the lecture in which the assignment is given, the instructor will want to cover the major classifications of drugs (i.e., antihistamines, antipsycho-tics, analgesics) and a number of examples of each.  The notes that were gathered in the previous step should direct the instructor to appro-priate groups and examples to give the students.  This will help to circumvent problems that students with less product education may encounter yet not overwhelm the students with unnecessary details.  Within the lecture, the instructor should also begin to instill in the students a genuine interest in drugs prescribed for the treatment of specific disease states.
  3. The instructor will handout the Student Worksheet in class before providing students the instructions to navigate the website to guide in selecting an update.  Hopefully, this will prompt the student to look for products of particular interest to the individual.  The Student Worksheet should make the assessment portion of the instructor's job much simpler yet allow the student sufficient freedom of expression and selection as to stimulate further investigation.
  4. The instructor will direct the students to log onto the FDA website,, and peruse the homepage.  The areas of 'Hot Topics,' 'Recalls, Product Safety,' and 'More FDA News' may provide additional direction for student search since these sections of the FDA homepage give informative, descriptive titles of individual updates.  Since the instructor has previewed the Student Worksheet in class, the completion of the assignment should be relatively straightforward.