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Consumer Chemistry Updates


Recommendations for Integration:

     This is an exercise in consumer awareness so it can be used in any introductory course developed for consumer education.  For example, a biology instructor may use this RWLO to stress the complications that arise from some allergies since the majority of the food alerts are due to possible contamination of specific allergens not listed on the product label. 

     Since the RWLO was developed expressly for (almost) real-time data collection, it would not necessarily be useful for current investigations into Brazilian diet pills, for example, since the FDA may not have had any recent issues with Brazilian diet pills in the last week or so.


     If particular sections of the FDA's website are not functioning through, maybe a subdivision such as (the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition) would still function.  Another approach is to access a historical reference site such as for archived material from the FDA or a current events website such as for national news-worthy information.  The assignment would probably take significantly longer to find current and relevant information at these sites but they still offer an approach on which to fall back.