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Contingency Analysis of Prison Inmates and Staff


Recommendations for Integration:

  • This RWLO can be used in a basic statistics or business statistics class.  It is intended as a supplement for the unit on contingency analysis.  It can even be used as a final project at the end of the chapter or semester.
  • I have designed this RWLO to use data from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections website.  However, I have provided links to the Departments of Corrections in all 50 states (under Supplementary Resources).  Many of these websites have similar data available.  
  • It is recommended to use Minitab for the calculations in this RWLO.  However, if students would be more familiar with Microsoft Excel or a graphing calculator to perform calculations, either one could easily be incorporated.  Students can even perform calculations by hand.
  • As a time saver, Part II of this RWLO (the written report) can easily be eliminated.



  • Print a copy of the most recent DRC Monthly Report in case the website becomes unavailable.  If needed, either make copies of the report for students or project a copy of the report on the front board.
  • If the computer network becomes unavailable for students to use Minitab, remind students of the formulas.  Then have students perform the calculations by hand.