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Introduction to Gene Structure


Recommendations for Integration:
  • This search-based RWLO can be used to help students understand, using real data from the Human Genome project, the basic structure of genes on the chromosomes.  It is HIGHLY recommended that it be implemented during class time as it requires a “walk-through” demonstration from the instructor so as not to intimidate the students with this highly complicated web site.  The NCBI site is a major resource for the entire biological research community and, therefore, has a staggering number of abilities and uses.  “Wandering” the site should be encouraged after the information for the lesson is obtained.

  • Download and save the Student Directions, PowerPoint (Gene Structure.ppt) files to the presentation computer and/or each of the student computers or to a diskette prior to the lesson. Alternatively, print-out all of the materials referenced in the Content Material section of this web site and provide sufficient copies to your students. At a minimum, a copy of each of the materials used should be provided to each group of students.