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Cell Phone Algebra


  • Access billing information online from given websites
    [Numbers 1, 2]
    [_____/5 points]
    5: Shows steps and clicks required to repeat access
    3: Records web address only
    1: Adds little or no detail to access steps
  • Identify independent and dependent variables
    [Numbers 5, 6]
    [_____/5 points]
    5: Correctly identifies and distinguishes independent from independent variables
    3: Identifies variables, with no clarity between independent and dependent
    1: Cannot distinguish between variables
  • Record independent and dependent variables in a table format
    [Numbers 7, 8, 9, 10]
    [_____/20 points
    20: Thorough completion of tables in consistent formulaic manner
    16: Partial though accurate completion of tables
    12: Inconsistent data collection
    8: Inconsistent variable use or identification
    4: Incorrect recording of variable values
  • Verbally describe the relationship between the dependent and independent variable in a functional relationship
    [Number 11d]
    [_____/5 points]
    5: Summarizes variable relationships clearly
    3: Identifies variables and hints at relationships
    1: Vaguely identifies relationship
  • Use the problem solving steps to represent the relationship between variables in an algebraic expression
    [Number 11a,b,c,e,f]
    [_____/10 points]
    10: Thorough procedure outlining problem solving steps
    8: Partial though accurate problem solving
    6: Inconsistent explanation, i.e. no checking, etc.
    4: Undocumented explanation
    2: Incorrect application of problem solving steps
  • Upon analyzing tabular data, determine the best package of those examined
    [Number 12]
    [_____/5 points]
    5: Summarizes plan choice conclusion and logic
    3: Identifies best plan without explanation
    1: Vaguely identifies best plan
TOTAL [_____/50 points]