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Cell Phone Algebra

Content Material

  • Background Information:
    This RWLO outlines an activity where students view cell phone price structures through an algebraic lens. Data will be obtained from a current list of cell phone providers offering comparable services and features. Each group of 2-3 students will examine data, determine the rule and represent the rule as an algebraic expression. Students will work together, but submit results independently. Independent explanations and conclusions will make each student submission unique.
  • Student Directions:
    • Obtain a Student Instruction Worksheet.  
    • As a group, gather information about the cell phone providers’ packages closest to the desired package. Record the providers and websites you use.  
    • Determine the independent variable and dependent variables.  
    • Complete the table with minutes, price, and other features for at least two cell phone providers.  
    • Look at the tables to determine a consistent relationship between two things (input and output).  
    • Describe the relationship verbally.  
    • Use the problem solving template to translate the description to a formula that can be used over and over again.  
    • Complete the Instruction Worksheet individually and hand in.  
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