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Cell Phone Algebra


Time: Approximately 70-80 minutes

Materials:Scientific Calculator, Computers with Internet access for in-class activity – OR students should be able to use computers with Internet access for out-of-class activity.


  1. Ability to perform basic internet functions – typing and getting to a specific URL.
  2. Read a table of values and costs.

Implementation: This RWLO can be used either in the classroom as an activity or as a homework assignment for a single student or group of two students. Whether it is individual or group work, it is recommended that each student answer the questions individually.


  1. Create groups of two students and assign two cell phone carriers to each group.
  2. Describe the goal and the desired final result.
  3. Provide instructions that direct students to cell phone provider websites that contain rate information.
  4. Demonstrate how to record information on instruction sheets.
  5. Collect the instruction sheets and evaluate according to assessment procedures.
  6. Discuss differences between providers.