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Real World Learning Objects: Science
Is your electricity clean?


Recommendations for Integration:

  • This RWLO is best suited for a college-level general education course discussing the impact of energy on the environment. It can also be used for a High School science class. Students should have some general understanding of the concept of energy and especially electrical energy. If no formal discussion has been done, online resources can be used. See the Supplementary Resources.
  • The activity gives students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of what a kilowatt-hour, a common unit of electrical energy, is in a realistic context.
  • The activity also gives students an increased awareness of the impact their lifestyle has on the environment.
  • By connecting societal issues and scientific concepts through their personal experience students gain a greater appreciation of the relevance of science in human affairs. It also helps them develop a critical understanding of one of the most important issues of the 21st century.


In case the sites needed for the activity are not accessible, a set of data for Gainesville, FLA (32606 zip code) has been saved as a back-up. Click here to access the backup.htm file and the rest of the data. Teachers could do the same for their region of interest before conducting the activity in class.