Is your electricity clean?

Energy Calculation

1. Use a recent electric bill to determine your average monthly electricity consumption in kWh. If you not have a bill, or if you prefer, you can also estimate your usage using the following instructions

Enter your electricity usage in kWh here: ___________________

Energy conversion

2. Convert your electricity usage into a different form of your choice using the converter available at this site:

Electricity usage in kWh: _______________________

Other form of energy used: ______________________

Amount of energy in other form:___________________

Units of energy in other form: _____________________

Environmental impact

3. Go to the Power Profiler at and identify the types of fuels used to produce electricity in your region. You will need to know your zip code. You can look up your zip code at

List the fuels used and their relative importance in the table below.

Fuel type Relative importance (%)






How does your fuel mix compare to the national average?

4. In step 3 of the Power Profiler, click on the "My emissions" button. Enter your average monthly electricity consumption. Record your annual emissions

Gas Annual emission in lbs.
Nitrogen oxides  
Sulfur Dioxide  
Carbon dioxide  

How many acres of trees would need to be planted to absorb your emission of carbon dioxide?