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Real World Learning Objects: Educational Technology

Effective Classroom Teachers in the 21st Century


Time:  Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes



·        Computer with Internet access         

·        Student Directions (Handout)

·        Why NBPTS? (Activity/Handout)

·        Why NBPTS? Answer Key (Handout)

·        What is NBPTS? (Website)

·        Five Core Propositions of NBPTS (Website)

·        Teachers Talking about Teaching Activity (Handout)

·        Teachers Talking about Teaching Answer Key (Handout)

·        List of Key Behaviors (Handout)

·        The Voices of Teachers Talking about Teaching (Website)

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5



This RWLO can be implemented during class time if each student has access to a computer and the internet.  This RWLO also can be implemented as an on-line activity in a hybrid or online class.




1.  Print and distribute the “Student Directions” (Student

     Directions.doc) located in the Content Material section of this  



2.  Review the “Student Directions” with the class. 


3.  Print and distribute the warm-up activity, “Why NBPTS?”

     (Why NBPTS.doc) located in the Content Material section of

     this RWLO.


4.  To review questions have students link to the National Board

      for Professional Teaching Standards (


5.  Answer student questions about the warm-up activity (Why

     NBPTS Answer Key.doc). (Teachers can choose to do this

     part of the warm up activity as an in-class activity, or

     teachers can choose to have students post their questions

     on the on- line class bulletin board.)


6.  Instruct students to go to the NBPTS web site and read the 5

     core propositions (Five Core Propositions of NBPTS).


7.  After reading about the 5 core NBPTS propositions complete

     the activity, “Teachers Talking about Teaching.” (Teachers

     Talking about Teaching Activity.doc)


8.  Have students listen to the 5 examples of Voices of Teachers Talking

     about Teaching.  As they listen have them identify the key behaviors on

     the “List of Key Behaviors” (List of Key Behaviors.doc) handout.


9.  Using the key behaviors students identified on the “List of Key  

     Behaviors” handout, have them identify the corresponding NBPTS         

     core proposition on the handout for “Teachers Talking about Teaching

     Activity.”  (Teachers Talking about Teaching Activity.doc)


10.  After identifying the corresponding NBPTS core proposition for each

       example of Voices of  Teachers Talking about Teaching, use the

       “Teachers Talking about Teaching Answer Key” (Teachers Talking
        about Teaching Answer Key.doc
) to check answers.


11.  After completing the Teachers Talking about Teaching

       activity, have students go to the online class bulletin board and

       post one field work experience example that can be

       explained in terms of at least one of the 5 NBPTS core  

       propositions.  (See “Recommendations” for a free online discussion



12.  To show their understanding of the 5 NBPTS core

       propositions, have students post a response involving

       whether or not they agree or disagree and why with one of

       their peer’s field work examples and the corresponding core   

       propositions identified to explain the example.  (See

       “Recommendations” for a series of 3 articles that discuss the

       advantages, the disadvantages, and the steps of conducting online