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Real World Learning Objects: Educational Technology

Effective Classroom Teachers in the 21st Century


Recommendations for Integration: 


·        This lesson works best if each student has his or her own computer to listen to the examples of teachers talking. 


·        This lesson has been designed so that it can be completed in-class or out-of-class.


·        In a class setting with individual computers and access to the internet, preview an example of the activity, “Teachers Talking about Teaching Activity” (Teachers Talking about Teaching Activity.doc)


            a.  Click on link for Voices of Teachers  

                         Talking about Teaching:




b.  Have students identify the knowledge,

     skills, and dispositions the teacher being

     interviewed is talking about by circling

     the corresponding behaviors on the “List

     of Key Behaviors” (List of Key

      Behaviors.doc) located in the Content

     Material section of this RWLO.


      c.  Have students look back at the number

          of behaviors they have circled under

          each proposition to identify the core

          proposition that relates to what the

          teacher in the interview is talking about.


Recommendations for Online Discussion Interface:




Nicenet's Internet Classroom Assistant (ICA) allows teachers with a standard modem, access to a web browser, and a connection to the Internet to use the Nicenet online interface free.  Among other free online features such as document sharing and personal messaging, ICA offers conferencing tools for student synchronous and asynchronous discussions.


Recommendations for Conducting Online Discussions:


·      A series of 3 articles by Karen M. Peters from the WebCT Library that discuss the advantages, the disadvantages, and the steps to conducting asynchronous online discussions.


Part One: Five specific advantages of a course with online discussions


Part Two: Key Issues in Asynchronous Learning Environments


Part Three: Concrete Steps to Get Students "Talking" in Asynchronous Online Discussions




·      The NCRL site has written transcripts that accompany each of the recordings of teachers talking about teaching (click on desired link of teacher talking about teaching to access).  The written transcripts can be printed out and  used in case problems occur with computers or internet access.


·      Other audio recordings of teachers talking about teachers can be found at National Public Radio (  (Search, “teachers talking about teaching.”)  Some examples from NPR of teachers talking about teaching are:


    Math Teacher's Mission: To Make Equations Fun


  An Orchestra Teacher's Initial Overture

A Teacher's Efforts to Create Gender Parity

in Class


First Time Teacher