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Using Real World Learning Objects to Engage Students

Project Overview

Designed specifically for math, science, language arts, and educational technology faculty, the workshop will allow participants the opportunity to explore real-world learning objects (RWLOs) that have been developed by faculty from community colleges across the country. In addition, they will share ideas for implementation and create their own Implementation Plan for one of the RWLOs.

The training begins with a short overview of RWLOs, followed by an exercise to demonstrate how they are used to engage students in the learning process. Participants then experience a guided exploration of the RWLO library and select one RWLO to incorporate into a course they are currently teaching. Participants will leave the training knowing how to access and use the growing RWLO Library that continues to be developed through Pathways, a USDOE-funded program designed to help community college faculty who teach our nationís future teachers.

Additionally, participants will share ideas for implementation by posting comments to the RWLO Blog.