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Using Real World Learning Objects to Engage Students


Time: Approximately 3 hours.   One hour presentation followed by group/individual exploration of the RWLO library by discipline, discussion, development of an Implementation Plan and plenary session.

Materials: Student directions. Access to the Internet in a lab.

Prerequisites: Experience using the Web

Implementation: This lesson should be used in a computer lab setting.  The instructor will use a PowerPoint presentation that will provide an overview to Real World Learning Objects (why and what), followed by a guided exploration of a RWLO.   Participants will then separate into discipline groups for individual exploration of the RWLO library within his or her discipline.   This session will be followed by a discussion of RWLOs including usage and issues with implementation.   Participants will then select one RWLO to use as they develop an Implementation Plan that will be submitted as a Comment in the RWLO Blog under a Posting that is set up for each discipline.    An Implementation Plan worksheet should be provided as a handout for planning purposes only.    A plenary session will enable participants to share their ideas.

Implementation Plans will include:  

Category: (example - Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, etc.)
RWLO Title:
RWLO Address (http:// )
Your Course: (In what course will use the RWLO)
Rationale: (What need or requirement does this RWLO meet?)
Setting/Delivery: (How will you implement this RWLO - ex. Online? Lab? Presentation? Group work?, etc.)
Why did you choose this RWLO?

The  RWLO Blog, set up for Implementation Plans,  ( ) is open for comments and does not require a user logon account.


The topics are listed below with suggested time frames.

1. Welcome - Introductions, agenda and objectives - 5 minutes

2. Connecting the Dots in Teacher Preparation-  15 minutes

3. RWLO Overview - 15 minutes
• What is a RWLO?
• Why are RWLOs “Unique and Compelling”?
• Why should we use RWLOs to teach future teachers?
• What is the impact of RWLOs in our courses?

4. RWLO Demonstration - 30 minutes
How Safe is My Town?  Math RWLO

5. Access RWLO Library - 50 minutes
• Guided Exploration of the RWLO Library
• Searching the RWLO Library
• Discussion:  
 -- Would RWLOs be useful in your course? Please provide examples.
 -- What obstacles might you face in implementing RWLOs?

6.Implementing RWLOs - 50 minutes
• How can RWLOs be used?
• Choosing a RWLO for Implementation
• Completing your Implementation Plan

7. Plenary Session -15 minutes
  • Discussion:  
Share Implementation Plans in Discipline Group 
 -- Pick one to share to full group     
-- Based on your experience today, do you think you'll share this workshop with other    faculty on your campus
 -- Questions/ Reactions