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Evaluating the Hazards of Radiation and its Sources


Activity Score

Completion of radiation units table

Names of units, symbols and definitions should match those in Step 1 of the Procedure.

6 points

Answers to five questions on units

1. Becquerel, Gray, Sievert; 2. 100; 3. 100; 4. Relative biological effectiveness (RBE); 5. Alpha particles

5 points

Completion of exposure levels table

Ranges and description of effects should be similar to those shown in the table in Step 2 of the Procedure. Some latitude is allowed because the ranges are not sharply defined and there are variations from source to source.

EPA recommended annual exposure limit = 100 mrem

6 points

Identification of three main exposure sources

1. Space; 2. Terrestrial; 3. Internal

3 points

Completion of dose calculation and associated questions

1. No; 2. Radon gas; 3. About 300 mrem depending on the location; 4. The recommended limit on annual exposure is about 1.2 % of the maximum exposure that has no physical effect; 5. The fraction of exposure due to emission from nuclear power is about 0.003 % of the annual exposure; 6. Nuclear produces involves less exposure than coal.

6 points

"Ask an expert" question

4 points

Total score 30 points