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Understanding and Using Narrative Time


The work for this RWLO will be assessed through the "mini-portfolio" of work that each student assembles and turns in. This mini-portfolio is a collection of all the work they produced throughout the activity. The parts of the portfolio will be weighted as follows:

Portfolio Element Weight
3 initial stories (based on 3 frames each) 10%
first reflection 10%
definitions of narrative time 10%
longer story (based on 6 frames) 20%
final reflection 50%

The grading for each of the five portfolio elements can be done on a four-point scale where 4 is exemplary, 3 is good, 2 is average and acceptable, 1 is below average, and 0 is failing. Greatest weight is given to the final reflection, as this is the strongest measure of whether the student has has gained working knowledge of narrative time.

For ease of calculation, use this online calculator.