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Understanding and Using Narrative Time


Recommendations for Integration:
This RWLO can be used flexibly in a number of courses and course formats. As it is about managing time in narrative, it has application wherever narrative storytelling is used or studied. So, even though this RWLO was designed originally for use in a creative writing fiction course, it could certainly be used in first year composition course or in a literature course that includes the study of narrative fiction. It could also be used effectively in any course that touches on graphic literature or visual communications for that matter. With some creativity on the instructor's part, this RWLO can be widely applied--both in a traditional face-to-face setting or in an online class.

If the Web is not available to students in the classroom, this RWLO can still be used given a little planning. While not ideal, the Choose Your Own Carl comic can be printed and distributed to students for the purpose of working with the comic during this exercise. Many of the supplementary resources can also be printed and used "off-line" if need be.