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Real World Learning Objects: Educational Technology
No Child Left Behind--The President's Perspective
Time: Approximately 75 minutes


  • Computers with Internet access and Real Player plug-in installed
  • Headphones
  • Worksheet entitled "No Child Left Behind--The President's Perspective"
  • Understanding of the role of the federal government in education
  • Familiarity with browsing the Internet
  • Knowledge of how to use multimedia plug-ins
  • Begin class with a challenging statement such as "Students deserve better" or "Can every child learn?" and discuss.
  • Review the federal government's role in education.
  • Divide students either into groups of two to four, depending on the number of computers available.
  • Distribute worksheets with instructions for completing the NCLB assignment.
  • Explain the objectives and assessment of the assignment.
  • Allow students 35 minutes to complete the assignment on the Internet.
  • Pull the students back together and ask them to share their findings.