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Real World Learning Objects: Educational Technology
No Child Left Behind--The President's Perspective
Recommendations for Integration:
  • This RWLO can spark higher-order thinking skills by requiring the students to analyze a piece of legislation, considering  reasons why it was put into place and how it affects all stakeholders--not just what it contains.
  • It is suggested that the instructor lead up to this RWLO with lessons that introduce legal and ethical issues in education and the structure of the state's education system.
  • Another, slightly different approach to using this RWLO would be to ask the students to explore how No Child Left Behind is working in education currently. This could be integrated into a "Current Event" assignment or into a field experience/observation assignment.

In the event that the students have computer and/or Internet problems or time constraints on the day this RWLO is to be used, consider the following options.

  • Save the audio or video file and the web pages onto CDs and give one to each group to play offline (if computers are OK but Internet is down).
  • Provide printed copies of the transcript to use in place of the audio file.The transcript for the speech is available at
  • To save time, have the audio file already cued to the media file (paused) on computers around the room.