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Oral and Pharynx Cancer: Incidence and Mortality (.doc)


Using current cancer statistics, compare the incidence of oral and pharynx cancer in the US with the state and county in which you live and work. Dawn Conley, Assist Professor II, Camden County College
Using Real Time Data in Early Childhood Settings (.doc) See RWLO document This project will ask pre-service teachers to develop lessons that utilize real-time web resources. Students majoring in Education will be asked to outline developmentally appropriate activities for science and language arts literacy using the computer as a tool in the classroom. Euloiza Jorge, Instructor, Education Programs, Hudson County Community College
Linear Motion - Velocity vs. Time (.doc) See RWLO document   David Weaver, Maricopa
The Emerging Avian H5N1 Influenza Student materials Student will use the World Health Organization's Global Health Atlas to examine the global transmission of the influenza. The current state of the influenza and the concepts of epidemic and pandemic will be explored. Finally, students will identify disease prevention strategies that are being implemented on the national, state, or local level. Theresa Puckett, Instructor, Cuyahoga Community College