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Poetry and Form: An Introduction That Won't and Will Make You Want to Run the Other Way (.doc)

Student Directions

Students will compose a poem on the computer, post the poem to a class website, read other students' poems on the class website, and then re-write their own poem using a form different from the original one, aided by access to some basic definitions of forms such as couplet, tercet, quatrain, and so on. Ulf Kirchdorfer, Darton College
Analyzing and Creating a Short Story See Word document In this project students will study the work and life of Flannery O’Connor, a Southern writer. They will read “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” one of O’Connor’s short stories and read an article about what constitutes a good short story. Suzanne Carlton, Assistant Professor, Santa Fe Community College
Understanding and Using Narrative Time Student Materials Students will engage in an interactive study of temporal duration (narrative time) by using interactive web resources and original works of graphic literature that are only available on the web. Through acts of transformation—moving from the visual to the verbal, they will "interpret" various versions of a comic strip—each requiring an attention to narrative time (summary, scene, gap, pause, and stretch). This RWLO is designed primarily for use with students engaged in the introductory study of fiction writing, but it can also be used in first-year composition classes and possibly literature courses as a means to understanding narrative in writing and reading. Mike McGuire, Instructor, Moraine Valley Community College