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"The Purloined Letter" Student Directions Students will read Edgar Allan Poe's detective story, answer questions, and deduce the author of the stolen letter as well as its contents. Students will communicate their findings to other readers of Poe stories via e-mail. Dianne Falvo, Assisant Professor, Camden County College
Historical Analysis of Shakespeare’s Macbeth Student Directions and Additional Materials Students will read a historical analysis of Macbeth written by Sigmund Freud in 1916 and respond to questions about the importance of knowing a reviewer’s point of view. Joshua Koen, Instructional Technology Specialist, Stevens Institute of Technology
Reading Current Events-Middle East Student Directions and Additional Materials Students read newspaper accounts to detect bias, point of view, determine credible sources, and gain additional practice in the skill of summarizing. Dr. Melinda Prague, Professor, School of Education Miami Dade College
Random Family: A Discussion Blog See Word document A Blog devoted to a non-fiction text that engages students in sociological issues and themes related to life in the inner-city. Chae Sweet, Instructor, Hudson County Community College