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Drinking in Coca-Cola Commercials in Order to Learn About Reading Between the Lines Student directions and additional materials Students are asked to review Coca Cola commercials and to make inferences by answering questions provided. Sunita Heer, Instructor, Cuyahoga Community College
Literacy and Literature - Publishing for a Global Audience Student Directions and Additional Materials Learn about the benefits of publishing student work online and explore an excellent web site that has published the writing of children from over 160 countries from around the world. Joshua Koen, Instructional Technology Specialist, Stevens Institute of Technology
Publishing on the Net (.doc) See Word document Students publish their work in either fiction format or poetry format to the Internet. The students’ peers then provide feedback to the writer through the peer review process. Ron Goodwin, Instructional Technology Specialist, Polaris Career Center
Understanding the Writing Process through Walt Whitman's Notebooks Student Directions and Additional Materials Students investigate the writing process by reviewing how Whitman revised and refined his ideas and poems as he wrote using digitally archived notebooks from the Library of Congress. Joshua Koen, Instructional Technology Specialist, Stevens Institute of Technology
A Moment in Literature: The Poetry of Langston Hughes (.doc) See Word document Expose students to the message of poetry from a historical and contemporary perspective, using Langston Hughes’s work “Ballad of Booker T.” Dr. Billy Jones, Professor, Miami Dade College
A Beat in Time: Jazz into Prose (.doc) See Word document Using original interviews to create reflective essays on student creativity. Professor Peter Robert Monck, Professor, Miami Dade College
Using Global Communication to Strengthen Critical and Persuasive Thinking (.doc) See Word document Students will develop persuasive ideas and opinions for the persuasive essay assignment via international internet discussion online correspondence. Tiina Lombard, Associate Professor, Miami-Dade College
Reclaiming the Sky:Reflections on Unique Times (.doc) See Word document Site where people post reflections and comments regarding the post September 11, 2001, world and airline travel. Peter Robert Monck, Professor, Miami Dade College
Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing with Online Periodicals (.doc) See Word document Students will write a summary and a critique of the following: (i) local (US) based article taken from an online periodical - summary (ii) foreign (international) based article taken from an online periodical - critique. Earle Laing, Instructor, Essex County College
Using Real-Time Data for a Compare/Contrast writing Assignment (.doc) See Word document The students will use selected web sites to access real-time data to develop the needed points of compare/contrast and the supporting details to write a compare and/or contrast paragraph. Dr. Ed Gehret, Professor, Miami-Dade College
Writing a Short Film Review Student materials Students will evaluate a short film, write and submit a one-paragraph review at an Internet site Atom Films. They will choose a video, brainstorm, support their opinion, revise, and communicate their ideas to the author of the film and other viewers. Lilia Joy, English Professor, Henderson Community College
Why Should We Care? Writing and Thinking about Global Warming See Word document Visits to real-time and near-real-time data sites and a climate change blog. Intended as a unit in a pass/fail lab, to help develop thinking for an essay on climate change. Melanie Morgon, Assistant Professor, MassBay Community College