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The Birthday Surprise! Birthday Blog - Access for all Student Worksheets Random sampling of a population. Ron Bannon, Assistant Professor, Essex County College
Using Statistical Analysis to Verify Conclusions (.doc) - 1DataAccess_Tutorial.doc
- 2LookingAtData.doc
- 3ChiSquareOverview.doc
- 4ExcelTutorial.doc
- 5Chi-square-table.pdf
- 6Assignment.doc
This RWLO involves using data from the Center for Disease Control. Students will make conclusions regarding populations in the United States. Data will be analyzed using the Chi-Square Statistic. The use of Excel will be emphasized throughout this RWLO. Natalie Rivera, Mathematics Faculty, Estrella Mountain Community College
Confidence Intervals (.doc) Assignment handout Create a confidence interval based on the historical snowfall of Chardon, Ohio. Students will be asked to calculate the mean, standard deviation, and confidence interval for a set of observations. Michael W. Lanstrum, Instructional Specialist, Cuyahoga Community College
Contingency Analysis of Prison Inmates and Staff Student instructions 1

Student instructions 2

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Whether we want to believe it or not, the prison system in the United States is a booming business. In this project, students will determine whether certain characteristics of prison inmates and staff are independent of gender by performing contingency analysis on real-time data gathered from the Department of Corrections website. Lisa Riffle, Cuyahoga Community College
How Much Does It Cost to be Cool? (.doc) Spreadsheet (.xls) Explores one aspect of the decision to smoke - the extra cost associated with obtaining life insurance. Michael Eames, Instructor, Monroe Community College
Statistical Analyses of Variability Student directions Students will compare the yearly price variability of goods from the Cconsumer Price Index. Pat Biller, Assistant Professor, Stark State College of Technology
The Poisson Distribution Student materials Construct a Poisson model for website usage using real time data Scott S Albert, Professor, College of DuPage
IQ Tests - What's Your Hypothesis? (.doc) See Word document Students will take part in an on-line IQ test, and then take a brief survey to record their results and answer a couple of other questions. They will invite others to do so as well. The students will then access the results of the survey and use them to formulate a conjecture regarding IQ scores and possibly another variable. They will use an appropriate hypothesis test to test their conjecture. Anne M. Jowsey, Associate Professor, Mathematics, Niagara County Community College
Earthquakes and the Poisson Distribution Student materials Data from the U.S. Geological Survey website is used to reinforce the Poisson Distribution model of earthquake occurences. Darla Ottman, Professor, Elizabethtown Community & Technical College