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Population Growth & Urban Sprawl Student Directions, Student Worksheets, & Referenced URLs Students use unique and compelling Internet visuals and data to explore relationships between exponential human population growth, environmental degradation, and "livability". John Arle, Biology Faculty, Phoenix College
Is your electricity clean? Content Material Students calculate their average monthly consumption of electricity. They are then asked to convert that amount to different forms of energy. The students then find out how electricity is produced in their community and what impact their consumption has on the environment. Karim Diff, Professor of Physics, Santa Fe Community College
A Crowded Landscape: Is There Room for Waste Management? Student materials Landfill space is needed in your particular county, township, or other political boundary. Locating a suitable site requires significant consideration. You will apply what you have learned about landfills and GIS to propose new landfill locations within your area and justify your selection(s). Louis Rifici, Assistant Professor, Cuyahoga Community College
Atmospheric Profiles & Interpreting Thermodynamic Diagrams (.doc) See Word document After the introduction to some basic theoretical knowledge, this RWLO allows the students the excitement of analyzing real-time weather data which is transmitted from "radiosondes" attached to launched weather balloons. Dan Ferandez, Associate Professor, Anne ArundelCommunity College