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Using Real Time Data in Early Childhood Settings (.doc) See RWLO document This project will ask pre-service teachers to develop lessons that utilize real-time web resources. Students majoring in Education will be asked to outline developmentally appropriate activities for science and language arts literacy using the computer as a tool in the classroom. Euloiza Jorge, Instructor, Education Programs, Hudson County Community College
Researching Assistive Technology by Using Real-Time Internet Sources (.doc) See Word document In this RWLO, students will use the Internet to conduct near real-time research about assistive technology devices geared towards students with particular disabilities. Once students conduct this research, they will construct this information into a proposal-format to their future fictional principal, convincing him/her to purchase certain assistive technology devices for a fictional student. The proposals will be persuasive and the information included will be compelling and current. Meryl Sultanik, Instructor of Education, Montgomery County Community College
Using the Internet to Go on a Field Trip (.doc) See Word document The internet becomes a source for a field trip taking children to places not otherwise possible. Susan B. Rhoads, Instructor of Early Childhood Education, Montgomery County Community College
Literacy and the Community (.doc) See Word document This exercise will provide future teachers with a meaningful opportunity to explore ways to encourage their young students to utilize their own community and experiences to develop and exercise literacy skills. Leanne Alexandrini, Education Instructor, Hudson Community College