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Modeling Data - Building Permit Data (.doc) -1ContentMaterial_data.doc
Students use US Federal Statistics data to plot building permit data to determine which mathematical model that best fits the data and make predictions regarding the number of permits to be issued for a particular year. Natalie Rivera, Estrella Mountain Community College
Use Excel to create a Climatogram Student Directions and Additional Materials Students use a spreadsheet program to create a “Classic Combination Chart” using annual temperature and precipitation data to create a climatogram. Joshua Koen, Instructional Technology Specialist, Stevens Institute of Technology
Creating a Spreadsheet to Analyze the Global Digital Divide Student Directions Students will use dynamic real world data to explore the global digital divide, use a spreadsheet to organize some of that data, and then chart it to better understand its implications. Debbie Kell, Associate Professor, Mercer County Community College
Use the Internet and Excel to Shop Effectively (.doc) See Word document This project involves two standalone modules, one covering a unique Internet tool (shopping bots), and the other covering the creation of a spreadsheet tool (Product Value Index) that will help a consumer determine the best deal. Martin P. Walsh, MBA/CPA, Assistant Professor, Cuyahoga Community College
A Study of Diverse Populations Through the Creation of Charts and Graphs Content Materials Future teachers need to demonstrate a sound understanding of technological operations and concepts. In this activity, students will learn how to visually illustrate archived census data using the Excel spreadsheets charting feature. This feature creates a valuable method for students to analyze data in a spreadsheet. Marlene Morales, Assisstant Professor, MDC