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Discover Educational Listservs - Portals to New Information Student Directions and Additional Materials Students will review many listservs in their discipline and will have as their assignment to sign up for one and post an introductory email. Mercedes McKay, Instructional Technology Specialist, Stevens Institute of Technology
On-line Accessibility Student materials Overview of Disabilities as relating to on-line learning Kevin Crow, Christopher Dobson & Matthew Ensenburger, Instructional Curriculum Specialists, Harper College
Use the Internet and Excel to Shop Effectively (.doc) See Word document This project involves two standalone modules, one covering a unique Internet tool (shopping bots), and the other covering the creation of a spreadsheet tool (Product Value Index) that will help a consumer determine the best deal. Martin P. Walsh, MBA/CPA, Assistant Professor, Cuyahoga Community College
Classroom Lesson Plans on the WorldWideWeb (.doc) See Word document The web is a rich resource for teacher-made, classroom-tested lesson plans. Pre-service and in-service teachers can save planning time and learn new classroom strategies and activities from other teachers. Students in a course titled, Computer Applications in the Classroom, will survey, evaluate and present findings regarding lesson plans on the World Wide Web. Mary Therese Hattori, Instructor and Coordinator, Kapiolani Community College
Let's Go Podcasting (.doc) CanDoPodcast (.doc)
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Podgrunt Video
This Podcasting RWLO offers instructors the basic steps and resources to introduce podcasting to their students. Podcasting offers a wealth of unique and compelling, primary source audio resources in some cases very similar to radio broadcasts. Tammy Macek, Instructor, Educational Technology, Lorain County Community College
Internet_Browsers_RWLO (.doc) See Word document
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Comparison of different internet browsers. Lisa Jackson, IT Program Coordinator, Henderson Community College