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Automotive Electrical Diagnosis Student materials Students use listserv for mechanics to solve real world electrical problems. Michael Longrich, Assistant Professor, Cuyahoga Community College
Insights into the Brain (.doc) See Word document This lesson will give students real-life visual information on functioning of the brain. Elizabeth Watters, Assistant Professor, Cuyahoga Community College
Illuminating Existentialist/Reconstructionist Perspectives in Educational Practice and Education Reform (.doc) See Word document This RWLO has been developed as a means of providing students with the opportunity to examine representations of the general philosophy of existentialism and the educational philosophy of reconstructionism from historical and contemporary points of view. With current education reform initiatives, such as No Child Left Behind (NCLB), reinvigorating a back to basics and teacher-centered movement in education, students will be challenged to explore these philosophical orientations, which represent very different perspectives regarding the role of the student, the teacher and society. Aldena Francisco-Harris, Assistant Professor and Teacher Education Coordinator, Lorain County Community College
Creating WebQuests using Online Collaboration and Publishing (.doc) Article (.doc) Lesson Plan Form (.doc) Directions for Saving Document (.doc) Assists students in designing a basic WebQuests with templates and collaboration. Rhonda Barker, Associate Professor of Business, Gulf Coast Community College
Understanding Constructivism (.doc) See Word document This RWLO aims to constructively teach pre-service teachers about the theory of constructivism. To that end, the RWLO encourages students to compare and contrast two different types of learning environments that of a traditional classroom environment and one that incorporates student-created podcasts. By comparing the two environments, students will gain an understanding of the theory of constructivism an educational theory emphasizing experiential and reflective learning as it relates to other educational theories. Jennifer Lara, Associate Professor, Anne Arundel Community College
Designing Lesson Plans (.doc) See Word document This RWLO is for use in a class on instruction and learning. Participants review lesson plans and create a lesson plan, incorporating multiple intelligences, technology, active learning, and more. Pamela Herndon, Coordinator and Associate Professor, Teacher Education Academy, Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC)