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    1. Unique & Compelling Educational Resources
      (face-to-face session in a computer lab, 7 hrs)
      This full day session will explore the concept of unique & compelling Internet applications. Through instructor-led guided explorations and hands-on instruction, participants will examine a variety of real time data sources, telecollaborative opportunities, and primary source material and learn how they can be integrated into their teaching.

    2. Understanding Real World Learning Objects (RWLO)
      (asynchronous online session, approx. 3 hrs)
      Participants will examine a number of real world learning objects and learn how other faculty have assembled them into blocks of instructional content. They will also identify and discuss the challenges involved in integrating RWLOs into college curricula, while continuing to cover all course competencies.

    3. Planning Your RWLO
      (asynchronous online session, approx. 3 hrs)
      Participants will begin the development of their own RWLO by identifying a lesson topic, student learning objectives and unique & compelling Internet resource to be incorporated into a RWLO for use in one of their courses. Strategies for overcoming challenges and suggestions for specific activities and instructional resources will be addressed.

    4. Assembling Instructional Content and Creating Your RWLO
      (asynchronous online session, approx. 3 hrs)
      Participants will create a draft version of their RWLO that satisfies the RWLO evaluation criteria. They will review copyright issues and discuss how they apply to their RWLOs.

    5. Integration and Implementation: Challenges and Solutions
      (asynchronous online session, approx. 3 hrs)
      Participants will examine curriculum integration and technology implementation challenges and solutions. Additionally, they will review and critique a RWLO developed by a fellow participant.

    6. Completion of RWLOs
      (asynchronous online session, approx. 3 hrs)
      Participants will modify and finish assembling their RWLOs. They will provide a final critique of another RWLO.

    7. Finalize RWLOs and Submit to Library
      (face-to-face session in a computer lab at each institution, 3 hrs)
      Participants will meet in this hands-on session in a computer lab to help one another make finishing touches to their RWLOs and submit to the RWLO library.

    8. Showcase of RWLOs
      (face-to-face session at each institution, 1 hr)
      Participants will meet in this final wrap-up session to display and briefly discuss their RWLOs for their peers and college leadership. Video-conferencing capabilities will enable personnel from Pathway members and other community colleges to participate in this session, as appropriate.

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