STEM Learning Modules

What: STEM Learning Module is a science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics unit implementation plan. Any of the lessons and activities from the PISA training can be used as is, combined, or modified to help develop the STEM Learning Module.


  • Develop math lessons that connect with an EiE unit.
  • Further develop the science connections for the EiE units using activities from the PISA training and/or from other resources.
  • Create a thematic unit (bugs, water, human body, etc) using activities from the PISA training and/or other resources.

How: Use the 5E Model as a template for the STEM Learning Module . The 5E Model is composed of five phases: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate. More about the 5E Model.

STEM SAMPLE Learning Module

STEM SAMPLE Learning Module Handouts

STEM Learning Module Template

STEM Learning Module Rubric


July 9 - 20, 2007


Water Learning Module (pdf)

By: Ms. Jorgensen, Ms. Geerin, Ms. Grillo, Ms. Farley, & Ms. Parks

Bayonne Public Schools


Living Systems Learning Module

By: Mr. Fagan, Ms. Killen, Ms. Wingert, & Ms. Mitsakos

Hoboken Public Schools


Membrane Learning Module

Handouts: Pretest, Post-test

By: Ms. DeGennaro, Ms. Suyat, & Ms. Ramos

Water Cycle Learning Module

Handouts: Acting as an Environmental Engineer, Experience as an Engineer, Pre-Test, Post-Test, Web, Mural Rubric, Pollution Problem Solution, Pollution Problem Observation

By: Ms. Sogluizzo

Hoboken Public Schools


Plants Learning Module (pdf)

By: Ms. Hurley-Ursic, Ms. Courtney, Ms. Festa, Ms. Worst, & Mr. Ursic

Jersey City Public Schools


Water Quality Learning Module

By: Ms. Blaha, Ms. Lubach, Ms. Chervony, & Ms. Stulich

Jersey City Public Schools



Systems of the Body Learning Module

Hand-outs: Ask Dr. Bones, Give Me A Break, Pre- test, Post-test, Homework, Math Extension, Bone/Skeleton Worksheet

By: Ms. O'Grady, Ms. Obedrabbo, Ms. Koumyem, Ms. Corrigan

Al Ghazaly Elementary School & Jersey City Public Schools



July 30 - Aug. 10, 2007


Respiratory System: Through the Eyes of an Engineer

Handouts: Concept Map, Pre-Test, Post-Test, What is Asthma, Respiratory Assessment, Personal Vocabulary Collection, & Instuctions for Lung Model

By: Gina Venable, Denise Harris, Brian Calligy, Dina Khani, Jennifer Alvarez, Patrici Assanah, & Marlene Aviles

Jersey City, Weehawken & Piscataway Public Schools



Handouts: Concept Map, Poster Rubric, Newspaper Rubric, Essay Rubric, & KWL

By: Erin West, Jean Oliver, Angela Kadian, Melissa Beck, & Brian Calligy

Jersey City, Bayonne, & Weehawken Public Schools

Pollution Solution

Handout: Concept Map

By: Elba Cruz & Suzanne Vazquez

Jersey City Public School



Handouts: Concept Map, Pre-test, Post-Test, & Culminating Activity

By: Maria Carla Palanca, Marilyn Ortiz, Julie Anderson, Joseph Stratton, & Brian Calligy

Jersey City & Weehawken Public Schools, St. Nicholas School

Roller Coaster Dynamics

Handouts: Concept Map, Creating Roller Coaster Worksheet, Pre-test, Post-test, & Student's Survey

By: Michelle Miller, Helena Stanaback, Latitia McReynolds

Newark Public School


"One Froggy Evening"

Handouts: Concept Map, Frogs vs. Human, & Forward

By: Barbara Henderson

Jersey City Public School




Handouts: Concept Map, How is Your School Like a Cell?, & Evaluation

By: Stephanie Laros-Glykis, Alissa Ferrara, & Marissa McCarthy

Jersey City Public School




Handout: Concept Map

By: Pricilla Jones

Jersey City Public School