Graduate Courses and Professional Development Institutes


Course 1: SEF530 -  Fundamental Principles of Physical Sciences: 
This course focuses on the fundamental principles of physical science necessary to develop a deep understanding of key issues in global energy production and consumption, global scale climate change and the engineering of solutions to problems arising from these phenomena. Concepts of energy and energy transformations are at the core of the course.
Course 1 Syllabus

Course 2: SEF531 - Fundamental Principles of Earth Sciences:
The study of Earth as a complex, interacting system involving the large scale flow of energy and matter is the focus of this course. Building on concepts learned in Course 1, topics include historic and physical geology, oceanography, atmospheric science and natural energy. Methods used to collect and analyze earth scale data and indirect evidence is explored.
Course 2 Syllabus

Course 3: SEF533 - Understanding Global Climate Change:
The phenomenon of global climate change and the impact of human activity on the Earth’s large scale systems is covered in this course.  Topics include energy flow in the Earth-Sun system, energy transformations that lead to the greenhouse effect and the scientific data that has been used to establish current viewpoints. Investigations of some socio-political issues in the discussion of global climate change are addressed.
Course 3 Syllabus

Course 4: SEF532 - Energy Production and Consumption
This course focuses on the science and technology behind energy production, distribution and consumption.  Concepts learned in the three previous courses are applied to the exploration of energy at the microscopic scale, ultimately leading to multiple energy production systems in use in the world today. Patterns of energy consumption that define the modern world and the global impact that energy use has on human society are explored.
Course 4 Syllabus

Course 5: SEF534 -  Engineering Solutions to the Challenges of Energy and Global Change:
This capstone course examines both the issues of energy production/consumption and global climate change from an engineering and innovation point of view. Using a case study approach, discussions focus on methods being investigated to move to a more sustainable world including the development of solar power, wind power and sustainable agriculture, as well as engineering solutions to reduce the effects of global climate change.
Course 5 Syllabus