Real Time Adventures on the Internet:
Unique & Compelling Internet Applications for the K-12 Classroom

2004 Delaware Instructional Technology Conference
Sheraton Dover Hotel, Dover, DE
April 27, 2004

Experience first-hand the power of utilizing Internet technology in the K-12 classroom! Simulating an actual classroom environment, the audience will be engaged in lively, inquiry-based activities, where they gather and analyze real-time data from the Internet in order to draw conclusions, discover scientific principles and in effect, become real scientists. Developed by CIESE, the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education, all projects promote the integration of science, mathematics, technology, and other core subjects.


Unique and Compelling Internet Applications

  1. Communication Tool
  2. Publish Student Work
  3. Access Primary Sources

  1. Real Time Adventures on the Internet
    1. Explore Real-Time Data:
    2. "Internet-Enhanced" Ship Problem:
    3. Explore a Real-Time Data Project
    4. From Theory to Practice: Implementing the Musical Plates Project in a 'real' classroom Scenarios
    5. Explore Real Time Data Projects

The Savvy Cyber Teacher® Professional Development program
The Savvy Cyber Teacher® is a thirty-hour teacher professional development program aimed at helping teachers utilize unique and compelling Internet-based resources to improve student learning in science, mathematics and other disciplines.

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Presenter Information

Joshua Koen
Internet Science Education & Latin American Program Specialist
(201) 216-5045
Meg Turner
Manager of District Outreach Programs
(201) 216-5655

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