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Sample Curriculum Materials: 

 Overview PowerPoint


To develop turnkey strategies for meaningful integration of Internet-based resources into the intermediate school science curriculum and to provide appropriate links to national and New York City science content standards. 

Target audience:

Lead teachers, assistant principals, and staff developers from intermediate schools and school districts will serve as agents of change to promote and disseminate these technology-based instructional strategies through turn-key training activities.

Criteria for district selection: 

  • access to the Internet 

  • commitment from the district superintendentís office in the form of:

    • stated interest in disseminating new practices and resources for science instruction at the intermediate level

    • support for release time for participants to attend monthly workshops 

    • cooperation with the project staff as they plan site visits to project participants. 

Project Format:

Project LINK is a one-year initiative that entails workshops during the school year as well as visits to schools served by participants in support of their turn-key training activities


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