Educator Resources

Art-O-Motion Mechanical Sculpture – Kinetic Art Project lesson plan, PDF document including Materials List and a related video.  

Solar Tree Project – The solar tree is a practical and educational activity that generates electricity as well as an environmental awareness.

Rein Triefeldt’s interest in including solar cells in sculptures goes back to a conversation he had with an engineering professor at The College of New Jersey.

Alexander Calder was a 1919 Mechanical Engineering graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology. He is most famous for inventing the mobile. A Youtube Video depicting Calder's early life can be found here.

Timothy Rose was an accomplished artist-teacher who focused on mobiles. He wrote an outstanding book, developed a mobile kit, and filmed a video to explain the process of making professional quality mobiles.

Introducing the Design Process – Design Squad, a PBS program has produced a series of free PDF books that focus on engineering related activities. Each activity is presented using the same specific design process.  

How to Make Mobiles by John Lynch was written in 1953 and is out of print. It is still a popular and useful resource. A free PDF version is available at the Mobile Factory web site.

Hot Air Balloons Students design and build working model hot air balloons.

Build Your Own Fantasy Tree Housesby David Parfitt, introduces concepts of tree house design. Architecture is a great integration of art into STEM and designing and building model tree houses is a wonderful way to get students excited about STEAM.

Rob Ives has an outstanding paper animation web site. You can sign up for a free newsletter, view animations of common mechanisms and learn about cardboard engineering from an expert

Sewn Circuits Students utilize conductive thread to design and create wearable technologies.